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A Mind Of Love

Bruce Mutard, 2011 Black House Comics Recommended for ages 18+ A Mind Of Love is a mature read dealing with a character called Brian, an adult book store clerk who struggles personally connecting with women and the way he satisfies his desires. It is an intimate...

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The Silence

Bruce Mutard, 2009 Allen&Unwin Recommended for ages 16+ The Silence is a graphic novel that is an excellent example of visual storytelling which is very effective in exploring more mature themes, especially the nature of art. It presents various philosophical themes,...

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Short Stories 2000-2010

Queenie Chan, 2015 Bento Comics Recommended for ages 14+ Contained inside are eleven stories that cover many genres, predominantly Horror with a couple of Romance and Fantasy tales, starting with a Mystery and including a ‘Cute Animal’. The genre variation makes for a...

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