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Fabled Kingdom Vol 2


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What if Little Red Riding Hood wakes up a legendary kingdom that has been asleep for sixty years? What if she then has to prove her worth by passing three difficult trials? The ‘Fabled Kingdom’ has finally risen from its slumber! Sitting on its throne is Queen Briar Rose – the infamous ‘Black Queen’ and Celsia’s trueborn grandmother. As the granddaughter of the queen, Celsia is forced to undergo three difficult trials, first to prove her lineage, and later, her worth. Will Celsia and her magical hamper prevail? A continuation of the story in book 1, this arc of the story will conclude in book 3, which will be out in early 2017. This is the first in the “Fabled Kingdom” series, book 3 of which will be out in early 2017.

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