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Da, (an alien scientist, stranded on Earth) and best friend Dill, (a mutated parrot from Tanzania) disguise themselves as normal school kids who like to wear tuxedos and rubber masks. They spend their day in a tree house designing bizarre traps for their ‘pal’ Ian, whose hobbies include building walls around his house and wandering around cemeteries at night, longing for the cold embrace of the grave. That’s Dillon Naylor’s ‘Frankie Laine’s Comic’s and Stories’! Before they were lovable, mischief-makers in K-Zone magazine and the Sunday newspaper in the 2000s and even before they were annoying pranksters in show bag comics throughout the 1990s, Da ‘n’ Dill began life as machine-gun toting maniacs in cult underground comics in the 1980s. For the first time, the contents of these now rare publications have been carefully restored and collected, along with unpublished pages, unfinished stories, unseen drawings and untold historical information. In addition, the book features many guest writers and artists, stories submitted to anthology titles and biro-rendered relics, drawn discreetly at high school.

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