Bruce Mutard, 2009 Allen&Unwin

Recommended for ages 16+
The Silence is a graphic novel that is an excellent example of visual storytelling which is very effective in exploring more mature themes, especially the nature of art.
It presents various philosophical themes, in a beautifully comfortable pace.
The story focuses on a man and a woman, an artist and a procurer, operating on opposite sides with interesting views on art. Their travels to Port Douglas, Queensland to discover an enigmatic artist, the isolated location where the artwork is displayed and how the journey highlights their relationship and creative life comprises most of the tale.

The amazing illustrations draw you into this story, the character designs are so unique and expressive, notably that of Mrs Jackson and painter Fred, and the Australian landscapes from the city to the country are very much characters in themselves and are wonderful to behold.Please check out the other Bruce Mutard work The Comic Place stocks
‘A Mind Of Love’ and ‘The Sacrifice’

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